Monday, September 25, 2006

Selfish September Day 25

Wow! I almost forgot to blog and post progress!

Could it be because there was very little? At least on the Ragg (stalled at 14 body inches and 10 first sleeve inches) or the tunic (stalled at 11 second sleeve inches) .

And, yes, I did some selfish knitting (oh, maybe a half inch on the Ragg) in the car, then spent the better part of the evening browsing websites here, here, and here, before settling on some stuff I found here for Christmas knitting.

Then I emptied all the stuff I picked for me (September being nearly over and my stash starting to rival that seen on any of those sites, bah, humbug! Yes, I even put back the Noro!) out of the cart and left only the little bit of stuff that I plan to cast on as soon as it arrives (and a couple cones of wool for Dulaan, not for me). Film at 11, of course, and then no progress shots until late December. You know how that works!

The Not So New Daughter In Law saw many sweaters she liked at the Classic on Saturday, so we went through pattern books and looked at yarns and she has an inkling, but the final product will be a surprise.

The Older Kid wants a replacement for a sweater he's had since freshman year of college. I've seen it. It's ready to retire! His will be next.

I did a little knitting, not a lot, really--fat yarn (Bernat Frenzy), big needles--truly, only a couple of nights' work) on a cozy shawl for the elders at Cheyenne River Reservation.

And no, I don't plan to make it big enough to warm them all. I'm hoping that just one will know and care that someone cares.

Same yarn as the big fuzzy baby blankie and the big fuzzy mitered square (and Sparky's blankie). I upsized to 15s and used a pattern I found here. I'm thinking that this could be the start of something!

Elder Blitz (any and everything, purchased or made, suitable for Older Folks) starts October 1 and runs for 6 weeks. I'll tuck the shawl in with a bunch of slipper socks I bought.

Gratification alert: On Saturday, while we were at the Classic, one of the vedors shouted, "Nice sweater! Where'd you get it?" at the Older Kid. He hooked a thumb backwards and said, "My mom made it!" Yeh, I guess he'll get a new one for Christmas, too.
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