Sunday, September 24, 2006

Selfish September Day 24

We took a Selfish Family Day yesterday and though my sleeve traveled with us and I knat going and coming, there was too much to see and do to knit while watching.

We drove about 15 miles to Bethlehem to enjoy the 19th annual of this event. Our company was happy to join us!

Things have changed a lot over the years.

One example: The herding trials are now Duck Herding (no llamas). I'm thinking that ducks are a lot easier to transport and cause a lot less damage to the game field, maybe?

There's still a wide assortment of Celtic foods, but not at this stand!

(We had fish and chips at Thisle.)

I was pretty sure I Did Not Want To Know.

I don't believe that this is part of my personal Celtic Heritage, probably being from the band that painted themselves blue and went to battle blue and that's all. (Yes, exactly what you are picturing in your mind!)

Braveheart was close. But entirely too clothed.


Here's what we came for:

There were bands from all over the U.S. and some from Canada. There are even a couple of local bands that compete each year.

Clearly, Blogger is f*cking with my mind today.

Or I've had too much coffee.

The photos keep disappearing and reappearing.

Another fine pipe band.

And another.

Note the fine Celtic crowd in the background.

Not a politician in sight, either!

And here's the shot that most of us got.


He has his own zip code.

Someone finally asked him very nicely to get the hell Out Of The Way.

And he did.



Local high School band.

In kilts.

Have been since I was in high school.

And the Leaders of the Pack.

There's a competition for everything from haggis eating to piping to caber tossing.

There was no knitting competition.
Thanks for the pictures of the Celtic Classic. I volunteered at Musikfest for 15 years but have never made it to the Celtic Classsic. It's a long journey from Missouri to Bethlehem.
Oh, I miss going to the Highland Games with my dad every summer.

They still have them and my dad's still around, it's just with my crazy work schedule we can't usually go.

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