Saturday, September 23, 2006

Selfish September Day 23

The view from my chair:

We have "company" this weekend. This room was not built for a double (air) bed, a big computer desk and chair, 2 filing cabinets and 50+ miles of yarn!

Thankfully, the bed collapses to fil in its own duffle bag when not in use. (Did you know that if you fail to close the deflate valve, the bed will collapse? I didn't!)

Thankfully, too, the company is family (the Older Kid and the Not-So-New-Anymore Daughter in Law). They are easy company.

Selfish (which was "shellfish" first) knitting: Last night waiting for their arrival, I got to about the halfway point on the second sleeve of the tunic. I might be ready to cast on for the body by Tuesday or so. The Ragg progresses. Body approaching the armpit, first sleeve at 6" and counting.

Unselfish knitting: I need to work a bit on Ship Support slippers. Another local kid died in "the Sandbox" this week. That brings it right on home, doesn't it?

And Franklin (bless his heart) has caused me to cave to the Dulaan Project. Finally, a use for those small wooly bits and the last ball of Baby Cashmere!

And there's always the Reservation! Mitten Challenge ends in 7 days! (Then we start a challenge/blitz for the elders.

And Christmas! Did someone breathe the "C" word?
Welcome to the madness. Because, like, you don't have enough charity knitting to do as it is.
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