Friday, September 22, 2006

Selfish September Day 22

Finally! a "me" day!

I'm taking the day off because 1) I have to "use or lose," 2) company's comin' and 3) I really need a day.

Day started with a panic trip to work (because I might just be the only one with a key to the building that might actually arrive to open the door) that had me turn back halfway there when I reached my Second In Command at the warehouse and actually inside.

I turned off on a side road and about 1/2 mile in, I smelled something just too awful to describe, looked to the left and saw the world headquarter of this local food producer which made me think. . . Okay, let's not go there! I know that meat production is a smelly business. I've visited dairy and pig farms. And I know that the people building the McMansions in these folks' backyards will be complaining bitterly as soon as they notice, but come on. Who was there first?

But I digress.

My next stop was Cheap Haircuts R Us where I saw not one stylist that I Do Not Trust, so I decided to wait my turn rather than pay the extra buck to Request a Stylist and lucked into Alicia.

Besides doing a good cut (evidence to the left) --and that's without the curling iron I will employ in the morning-- Alicia's a knitter.

So I just had to show her

these cute knitted bags in the September Allure
that I was browsing while I waited.

I had already made a sketch on the back of an envelope I found in my purse, but Alicia insisted on ripping out the page for me (Bless her!)

Can you see the prices? Lust from Burberry is $990 retail and Must is a bargain at $475 from

Um. A little rich for my blood! And they aren't even cashmere!

I came home and looked through the stash and found these possibilities (left to right) Brown Sheep Naturespun, good ol' Sugar 'n' Cream and Annabelle Fox DK Superwash.

Somewhere in this room there's a pair of tortoiseshell handles and I'm betting that Michael's or A.C. Moore or Joann's has some hardware similar to the stuff in the photo.

Nine Freakin' Hundred Ninety Dollars!!!


So. . .

There will be periodic updates as the day progresses, but for now, the toilets are clean. I'd like to garden a bit (those bulbs want to feel the earth move under their feet. . .you're welcome, Why should I be the only one humming Carole King today?) and I need to set the bed up (air bed, the tall one, store it in a duffle when no one's sleeping on it).

Selfish knitting on both of my sweaters has already been accomplished. The day is mine :cackle:
Those bags are great, but in no way worth multi-hundreds of dollars. They were probably made by near-slave labor in China, too. Gee, I wonder where the other $898 goes ;-) It looks like a great project, although the leather trim would be a real challenge for my feeble skills. Please, please post progress pics. And enjoy your company and your weekend!
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