Thursday, September 21, 2006

Selfish September Day 21

(This is starting to read like a 5th grader's diary.)
Last night, I committed to the tunic and finished something like 40 rows of the second sleeve (see picture to the left)

Since I have the pattern pretty well committed to memory, it seems to be going much faster.

Today will be marked by meeting after meeting after meeting. I will put in a 13 hour day today, but tomorrow is all mine (so that I can clean and shop for groceries and such). Not an entirely "me" day, but better than nothing.

Update: I arrived home at 7:30 in the pee emm to discover that I never launched this morning's post!

But there was something further to report! Nancy sent me a squishy containing:

Six pairs of Mariella's sideways mittens!

Love the colors!

We're getting down to the wire. If you need the address, email me ( ).

Pictures of the prizes in tomorrow's post.
you know, hon, i would, but i'm being selfish this month. i got married last saturday, so my time is limited for my charitable knitting, lol. knitting in general, sheesh! heck, i haven't been spinning either. gah!
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