Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Selfish September Day 19 Updated

Today was the day from hell. It started out bad(ly?) and went progressively downhill from there. It's unfortunate that punching people will get me arrested!

I managed to get to 12.5" on the body of the Ragg, what with some snatched minutes of knitting time and broke into the 4th body ball (plus the one I'm using to create a sleeve). Fifteen balls remain.

The new ball got away from me, though, and attacked the sweet and stubby-tailed Princess Sparky, tangling itself around three of her feet before she managed to escape.

It's a good thing we keep powerful drugs on hand for such occurances! And catnip. And tuna.

It could have gotten very ugly!

Oh no! The barely averted horror! Poor Princess Sparky.
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