Thursday, September 14, 2006

Selfish September Day 14

Yes, I know I called yesterday "Day 14," too. But I went back and corrected it. Today is the real and actual Day 14. So there!

First day of "fall" that's rainy and cool enough for an actual sweater (pullover, not cardigan) and what am I wearing?

Cotton. Purchased.

I was able to work a bit on the tunic last night and reached the underarm. The pattern has a slightly inset drop shoulder, so it's a bit tailored, but not overly so.

I'm hoping to wear this over black slacks or a slim (?) skirt. I do not want it sloppy big.

I really do have another sleeve and a back and front to go, don't I? How many more selfish days are there?

Here's a close-up of the cable panel. Filatura di Crosa calls it "Turban" (the thing that looks like a 6 stitch cable crossed every 6 rows) and Turban Rib (the ribbed horeshoe thing in the middle). WTF?

The color is that mottled. In fact, the color's showing up very true on my monitor.

Several selfish stitches are done for the morning. Knitting will accompany me to the state capital today (for a day-long meeting). There will be breaks.
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The color of that tunic yarn is to die for. I love it.
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