Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Here's the wet preliminary color on the newly dyed yarn.

The ball on the right shows the original color (Sugar 'n' Cream, color #4-ecru). On the left is what sassafras, alum, and a good glug of vinegar provided.

I have absolutely no earthly idea what I will do with this! I do know, based on the prelimiary assessment that there is sufficient cotton in the Bernat Soft to attempt dyeing that also, and that the sassafras sufficiently "dulled" the pink variegated cotton that I am going to attempt an overdye of that as well! Maybe with marigold flowers?

It was still raining in easten PA this morning (so much so that it was difficult to drive to work even with the windshield wipers at full throttle!

So it came as little surprise when the police officers barricaded our access road and told us that we should consider getting out of Dodge while we still could!

Ever notice how these things don't happen when you are tossing around looking for somethingto keep you busy? No, more like when you are on a serious roll, getting some reportage actually accomplished. Bummer.

And truth is, I cannot remember ever seeing the Parkway with water that high!

I did a little work at home. Then I put these together.

They are not for sale.

But they might become a prize for the 2006 Mitten Challenge. Big enough to fit up to a size 13. I might tone the next set down a bit.

Pattern in Oddball Knitting by Barbara Albright. Remember my remarkable bead stash?? Bwahhahahahaha. :ahem:

When the rain stopped yesterday, I ventured out to see what Mother Nature had to say for herself.

She said "bee balm" (bergamot). If you like Earl Grey, you'd recognize the smell.

Bees and butterflies and humming birds love this stuff.

I like the markers. The yarn isn't nearly as dark as I expected, though!
With all the rain, any plant materials you use will have diluted pigments, so use a lot! I have had success with lovely yellows with evening primrose (a very tall weed that I couldn't get rid of, so now I use it to dye with) and yarrow. Flowers & leaves of both. An indigo bath for your yarn would be lovely.
The markers are cute. Eastern PA is flooding? Maybe I should check on my little brother in Western PA.

The yarn didn't come out very dark. I think if I spent that much time over a pot, I'd want to be able to eat it.
you need an alkili to set color on cotton :) wool takes vinegar, but use soda ash for your cotton
The yarn turned out very well. Love the color.
OOps, sorry. I am fighting the spacebar on my keyboard. The color is lovely on the yarn, and I thought that, but failed to type it. However, if you don't set it properly, it will wash out/fade on you, and I know that would be disappointing.
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