Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What Went Wrong?

I did not touch the Frenzy blankie today. Not one stitch.

It's had sufficient attention lately that it should not be wimpering and certainly not sobbing out loud.

That emotional outbreak should be reserved for Diamond Patch. I haven't even glanced its way this month!

No, I have not abandoned Frenzy in mid-stream. I'm too far along to quit.

I simply had to see where my car /waiting knitting was going and frankly, it isn't going well.

The pattern comes from here. I've upsized this before. I think I used two strand of worsted weight and got a reasonably decent size adult slipper when I knitted it up on size 10.5s.

Silly me! I thought that I could sub a single strand of Kool Wool (50 g=60 yards) for a double strand of worsted (50 g= 110 yards). Dudes, this should work. Dudes, just look!

That slipper is less than 8" from stem to stern. Even stretchy garter stitch ain't stretching to 12"! So I have (or will have) another pair of kid slippers to slip into the reservation box and I'm back to the drawing board with the slippers for Ship Support.

Send chocolate!

Oh, and in other news, I showed up for my mammo appointment a day early. Regular readers will recall that I did this 29 days ago, too. It's becoming a habit.
Am I going to have to make up THREE cusswords for you now?
Ann, please relax, you are in overdrive, it's time for a "mental health day". Skip work today and clear your head. Take your cat on your lap and think of Hawaii. Don't knit, there really is a world out there without knitting. You won't die if you don't knit for a couple of days. Etoile
Whereas my mother's mammogram was cancelled. (She'd gone in August. She forgot). Better to be early than late? That's a looong wait though.

Bad booties. The foot part looks a bit short for anything but a newborn too but I love the color and the detail around the ankle.
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