Sunday, May 07, 2006

Rethinking Eating Options

People are going to get really tired of hearing from me on food safety issues, but yesterday, the Other Half and I grabbed a quick lunch at Mickey D's in the Next Town Over.

During the short period that we were there ( less than 20 minutes) we watched a young male employee empty the garbage bins, haul the trash out to the dumpster, then proceed to wipe down the drink counter and tables with a wet cloth that had been stowed behind the soda dispenser.

At no time, did he change his apron, or take an opportunity to wash his hands. IOW, the same apron he was wearing when he dumped the garbage was the one he was wearing to clean the tables that customers will eat at.

I sincerely doubt that this was an abberation.

What's wrong with this picture?

And as long as we're "picturing," here are a couple to ponder.

I use a lot of oddballs of yarn to "create" 80-stitch hats for Ship Support.

Often knit in-the-round, they are often also striped.

Striiping in the round creates a "blip," because the knitting isn't in flat rows, it's actually one continuous spiral.

An easy way to avoid the jog is to use a method devised by Meg Swansen. She calls it the Jogless Jog."

At first glance, there's no "blip" in my hat, but direct your eye on a slight diagonal to the left starting at the "tail" and continuing to the topmost stripes.

See it?

Here's what it looks like on the inside.

And here's how to achieve it: (Note, this works with stripes of 2 rounds or more.)

Knit the first color rounds (however many you are doing). Change to color 2 and knit around to where the color change occured. Now, lift the stitch in the row below the first stitch of your new color (it'll be your "old" color) onto the left needle and knit it and the first new color stitch together.

You're going to need to count rows when you get back to that point again, because you want to be certain that you have knit the full round. The "beginning of the round" stitch will shift 1 stitch to the left with each color change, forming the diagonal that you see in the first picture.

You can see more examples if you trust your friend Google. Search on "jogless jog" with the quotes for more info.
I don't see it, at all. That's awesome! Now I need to knit something striped.

And ewww. No, probably status quo. Yuck. I take it you didn't eat at one of his tables?
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