Monday, May 15, 2006

The Picture That Was Missing

I don't have a scanner, so here's a picture of a photograph. It's not great, but it's here.

It was supposed to accompany yesterday's post.

I got my coloring from my father, but my skin from my mother.

Picture (according to the writing on the back) was taken in 1946. She would have been 30.

And here's where I am on Frenzy. 31 " and counting.

It's installed on a 60" Addi Turbo. What's that? 124" of knitting on a 60" needle? So far, it's not overly-crowded, but I'm thinking 40" may well "do it."

It's impossible to get a decent photo any more, so the next one I post will be the FO.
That was a great post earlier about your mom, Ann. She sounds like she was quite a woman. Nice pic of her too.
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