Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Legitimate Use

I can now claim actual useage of my very own cuss word, given to me by Rabbitch , having successfully completed the total examination of the boobage (aka front porch) . Man, I hated that!

To the left, the only photo I could get. The current front door (this one was closed and blockaded several years ago when the door was moved to the other side and all these renovations took place) is covered with canopies and valet parking drives and such. You take your life in your hands getting inside. Standing back and taking a picture is worth your life!

And I really wanted a picture of the machine, but was told (get this) that it violates some sort of something or other regulation. Assgoblins!

But the person who turned me down shared Dr. Demento's Instrument of Torture .

Good lord was that painful, er, uncomfortable.

Peace of mind, however, is not.
Good for you for going!

And that's the same thingie they used on me. Maybe I don't have very sensitive boobage.
So assgoblins is your very own word?

I don't know what they used on me but I'm not doing it again. I have peace of mind. It comes with blanket stupidity.
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