Thursday, May 11, 2006

Iraqi Police Training

Yesterday, during an interview on NPR (sorry, can't remember which show, but probably Morning Edition) a trainer for the Iraqi police said that the first rule for the police force is "Don't shoot someone just because he insults you."

I think this is a good motto. If I still did cross stitch, I'd center it on a sampler!

I was up half the night with work-related crises, so this will be a short entry.

Here's where I am on the blankie. I've knitted roughly 2.5 balls of Frenzy. It's about 18" square and I am moving onto the 60" needle.

The first ball (the center) knitted to about 11" square (121 square inches). Based on that, I figure that my finished blankie (assuming that I use all 18 balls) will be roughly 46" square.

That would be a nice size, but a little big for an infant or toddler. Thinking about my options. . .

Sorry to not be entertaining, but my pillow is calling my name.
Words to live by.

Blankie is looking good! also very big for his age. I'm jealous. I have much, much older projects I'm working on that aren't nearly as done. (possibly it's the amount of time spent actually working on them?)
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