Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Frenzy, Day 2

Knitting up a Frenzy here, dudes. (Bad pun, sorry.)

Here's the very center section on my size 10 Brittany Birches. I started, as planned, with the lightest color, the Panic Pink.

My 10.5 Clover bamboos are MIA, so I figured I would start on these. I have looked everywhere for those damned bamboos. I'll be switching to a 16" circular (10.5) in another couple of rounds.

This yarn is sufficiently fuzzy that it is obscuring any texture I attempt to throw in.

There are yarn overs, but they aren't showing up without a bright light behind.

There will be some garter ridges as well. Perhaps they'll all be showier with the slightly bigger needles.

I had a picture of the yarn strand next to my size 10, showing just how fat and fluffy it is, but Blogger, being Blogger, is not uploading pictures right at the moment.

What I've done so far: After the cast on and join, I knit one round and marked the beginning of the round with a stitch marker I acquired here . In the spirit of full disclosure, the bunnie and I swap stuff back and forth across the US/Canada border. I have sent Barbie clothes, glow-in-the-dark bracelets and some gawd-awful Lion chenille. In return, the bunnie sent me a trio of beautiful stitch markers. (She never held the chenille against me at all!)

But I digress.

Then, on the next round, and every other round, I increased a stitch at each end of each needle (kfb-knit front and back) and knit all the stitches in between.

On the non-increase rounds, I either just knit, or knit 2 together, yarn over across, or will purl (so I get a garter ridge).

I will continue in this fashion until I run out of this ball of Panic Pink, then switch to another color, probably the Blue Berserk because it seems to be the next darker color.

I'll knit through that ball, then switch colors again until I've used one ball of each color then (unless I'm satisfied with the size--unlikely), I'll start over with the pink.

That's the plan. It is subject to whim and fancy.

In other knitting knews:

The Reunion Mitone (#2) is rounding third base. I have just the thumb and the weaving of ends left (and the blocking, but that's a given and requires little in the way of actual work on my part).

I have added two pattern repeats to Branching Out. That's 20 whole rows (less than 30 stitches wide). It's nowhere near complete, but it's stopped crying out loud.

The Diamond Patch remains untouched. It sighs occasionally, and sobs softly.

In non-knitting knews: I still cannot write about that stuff. I may be able to direct you to stories in the Weekly World News soon, though.

Saturday is the annual National Association of Letter Carriers food drive in the U.S. If your mail person is participating, you'll get a postcard. If you get a postcard, please be generous. Your needy neighbors are counting on you.
The pattern does look nice even if you can only see it under certain circumstances.

The Frenzy continues. But for how long?
my mail man hates me. i probably won't get a post card, as much as i'd like to participate. maybe i'll just take some food up to the post office when i go saturday.

and thank you for the tips on the jogless jog. i've never been able to figure it out until now. and now, i ahve even stripes! yippee!

yipes, stripes!
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