Sunday, May 21, 2006

The center-out Frenzy blanket is finished! Yaaaayyyyy!

I really am pleased with the way it looks and decided that I will enter it as a baby blanket and use the red Frenzy (Racy Red to be exact) to make a lap robe.

(That's the bench we painted a couple of weeks ago.)

There wasn't much left of the multi-colors by the time I got finished. One full ball (the black) and several smaller bits. I'll probably use the leftovers to make a scarf like the one on my December 4, 2005, entry.

I'll be moving these bits to a little tote ad putting the red into this washbasin along with the needles, pattern, and any notions I need. Sort of "kitting it up" so to speak.

The fair is about 3 months away. I have 7 entries finished. (I'm shooting for 20 this year.)

Spring has given way to summer at the House of Sheep.

The daisies are particularly cheerful today now that the sun has finally come out.

Yep, another weekend shot to hell and here comes the sun.

Why am I not surprised?
It looks good! It's bigger than I expected too. I see one in my future. It'd be perfect for the glider rocker I really needed on the front porch today. Here, it poured, and not the normal California rain, more like torrential.
very lovely. wish i knew how to enter stuff in the fair, here. i think i'd have to go online to get a book (they used to mail books out to all the households in the small community i lived in, and you could enter what you wanted. i won a blue ribbon for a granny square afghan that i crocheted together when i was 20, and i still have that thing, lol! (the afghan, i think my ex threw the ribbon away, the ratbastard))
I like that little blanket.
The blankie is lovely, you are such a fast knitter. Rita

P.S. Love your flowers too.
Oh, the blanket is just beautiful! Good luck at the Fair.
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