Thursday, May 18, 2006

Another FO!

They were supposed to be for Ship Support.

I can get my size nine-and-a-half feet into them, but it isn't pretty. I'm thinking that modification might be in order.

This pair is going to the reservation, though, because really, dudes, they are small.

The yarn is Lion Brand Kool Wool (still working on those leftovers). The pattern is from Newborns In Need modified by using fat yarn and fat needles.

Update: The front porch is still very tender. What the hell is up with that?
If you really want an answer to the 'front porch' question, do you drink caffeine? Caffeine makes them swell and when squeezed, they produce pain. Avoid caffeine for several days before the next torture session.
Oh, great. Because that was my problem w/the mammogram and if I avoided caffeine for several days beforehand, not only would I have a screaming withdrawal headache (not that I'm addicted mind you) but you could probably track me by the bodies in my wake.

People don't kill people. Caffeine-free kills people.

Nice hijack of your comments, eh, Ann? Sorry! The socks look good, surely someone has feet that size.

Picked up the Diamond Sweater yet? I can hear the whimpering from here.
I drink caffeine by the bucket. I mean these HUGE almost embarrassing coffee buckets that are only considered to be cups because they have handles. (at least 16 -20 oz). I drink a couple of those a day plus at least one cola plus a couple of small cups. I still didn't have pain during the boob squishery. Either your tech was sucks or I have totally insensitive hooters.

I'm still glad you had it done.
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