Sunday, April 09, 2006

Yeh, We're Here

While the Other Half is in the shower, I thought I'd take a minute, or several, to get some housekeeping out of the way. Bloggery, not actual cleaning.

The seven-hour drive south took a little longer, 'cause of the ver' awful weather. We saw lightning bolts to make you weep, and the drive over the Bay Bridge/Tunnel was a nightmare (hey, we don't like it when the weather's nice)! Things to ponder: If the weather's too foul to see, should you drive slower, or faster so as to be off the bridge parts sooner?

I just close my eyes and trust in FSM.

We have a room with an awesome view of the Atlantic Ocean. (Pictures will come, I promise.) Seventh Floor, ocean side. If the gods are with us, the weather will turn (as it's predicted to) and the clouds will lift. Tomorrow's supposed to be in the 60s and sunny. Cross fingers, toes, and eyes, please.

If I were in charge of the world, however, hotel room decorators would be required to actually sleep and bathe in the rooms. Beds would be different. Showers would be different. Tables designed to hold the ol' laptop would be lower or the chairs to use at them would be higher. Just sayin'.

Movie review: Saving Private Ryan was on last night. Seen it once? Yeh, me too. I don't care how manyAcademy Awards (5) it won. Once was enough for the blood and gore. Thanks.

I am fulfilling my vacation dream: eat lots of fresh (from approved waters, cooked to proper temperatures) seafood (local catch flounder last night), read (Scarlett, sequel to Gone with the Wind, um huh), knit (5 more diamonds completed).

Today, we'll be exploring a maritime museum (just 'cause the weather's still pissy).

I don't particularly enjoy most things military (though this museum promised sharks--I like sharks), having grown up in a military town (Montgomery, Alabama, home to 2 Air Force bases), I got more than my fill of big planes and guns. Then, having two sons, I got my fill of airplanes again as an adult (can you say, "but, Mom, the Air and Space Museum is right here?" I was pretty sure you could.)

Gritting my teeth and looking for sharks, thankyewverymuch.
Hi Ann, wherever you are, I am glad you got through the awful weather that we are following on TV. We have family all over the South. You are quite the trouper, I could never knit when I had to be a passenger in such bad weather, I am a white knuckle passenger when things are'nt right, be it on the road or in an airplane. thanks for checking in with us and the best of luck for the remainder of your trip. I know you are having fun.
Have fun! My mom loved Scarlett but I refused to read it on prinicple. I have so few.
Everything is uncrossed for me, so I'll cross it all again for good weather for you!
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