Sunday, April 23, 2006

Trying to Get Organized on Sunday

Big mistake!

But the mess in my so-called studio is really starting to get to me. The room is only 11X13 or so (the "middle bedroom" of a 50s rancher) and the current floor space is reduced to about 5 square feet.

This is our "guest room" (evidence of futon under that pile (ironing, mostly).

When I get in a creative mood, I spread projects from here to there and back. I'm nothing, if not a slob.

But today, I reached the absolute end of the line. Something has to give. I can't stand the mess any longer. Clearly, it's time to take a step back and regroup!

So, my simple solution :snicker: was to pull everything off the shelves and start organizing it.

Stop laughing. You know how that works! The mess created from organizing is often (always?) worse than the situation that started the whole thing! This was no exception. And for the record, no fiber was discarded. That garbage bag holds paper trash, mostly packaging materials.

Circular needles, will need to need to be filed neatly.

Note to Janice: When I said that I have 247 needles, and you called me compulsive (among other things) that I know this, I merely meant that 247 as "a large number" in the same way that the Bible references "70 times 7" to mean a large number.

In reality, I have no idea how many needles I own. They are everywhere in every configuration.

Today I tried to count them. I stopped at about 36 because that was just the ones spread on my desk before I picked them up. I would say, "clearly, I have a problem," but I think that is obvious.

This is my second desk (the one that serves as a stand for my Bond when I set it up. It is the neatest part of the mess because I was using it to sort the rest of the mess.

I found stuff I had forgotten I had (nothing spectacular) like the wool oddballs I plan to felt into a kitty bed (a Christmas gift for a favorite kitty--Christmas 2004, I think) and the pastel Jiffy that I want to make into something cute.

The rest of what I found does not bear noting.

Reunion update: Last night I finished the first mitone. The ends are not woven and it needs some serious blocking to even out the ladders, but I'm pretty satisfied with the way it turned out.

Now, if any of my classmates have lost a hand some time in the last 39 years, we're good to go.


Last night, I cast on the chulo (bigger needles). When that's finished, I'll make mitone number 2.

Diamond Patch has been momentarily back-burnered. (So close and yet so far) as the temperature here in northeast Pennsylvania has dipped back into the 40s again.

Note to all those who care: I got my ServSafe grade. I passed with a 94. Onward!
Congrats on your grade! Whew! Now for the Real celebration! My husband and I were both doing some organizing this weekend! And I've read several bloggers who are working at organizing, also! Must be Spring!
Congrats on the 94!

The mitone looks awesome. If only socks and mittons would reproduce themselves once you made the effort to finish one of them. It seems only fair.

I need to do something with my craft room. Other than toss most of it, because that's never going to happen.
Congrats on the pass. Good grade! And also congrats on the Mitone, but yes, you have to make a second one.

And then two more. Just for me. In different colours. *g*

Can't blame a girl for trying.
Congratulations on your great grade! I hate the clutter that comes with organizing, but it has to be done sometimes.
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