Thursday, April 27, 2006

Spring, Part 2

Remember how I said that the yellow was just he first round?

I give you purple-y pink and apricot.

I don't remember exactly when all of these were planted. I was going for waves of daffodils, followed by red tulips.

Breck's and Mother Nature seem to have had other ideas.

There are some red (my favorite color of tulip), and the columbines and daisies (the next wave) are starting to peek out from under dirt and dead leaves.

And pink and white is the color to be over here.

It was a good day to be a tulip at Casa Sheepie.

And clumps of pretty little grape hyacinths thought it was a decent day to be purple, too.

I have a 'box-o-garden' out in the garage that I plan to plant in a few days. It's all shades of orange summer perennials.

Knitting? Oh, yeh! This is a knitting blog!

I'm progressing on the i-cord edge on the chulo, in fact, I may finish it before dinner.

I've finished the knitting on a second pair of slippers. Just need to sew them both up.

Diamonds and Branching Out are both whimpering in the corner. Neither has been touched in a couple of weeks. (This is why I was posting WIPs/UFOs at the beginning of each month. It keeps me on track.
Having a blog kind of helps with the continuing knitting a project for me. Not that it's going to save that stupid frakking shawl of mine. I love the yarn, or I'd burn the whole thing.

Our tulips are pink and red, and red and orange but not in a very photgenic grouping. I just want the glads to bloom. I love glads.
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