Saturday, April 29, 2006

Some Things to Ponder

What a day! It started with me giving the bathrooms a pretty serious cleaning (once a month, whether they need it or not), which led me to wonder: If everyone in the house is 6' tall or less, how does toothpaste splatter the mirror 7' above the floor?

Driving past the fire company social hall today, I couldn't help but notice the sign for tonight's "adult toys bingo." Do we really want to know what this is? Is it the markers? The prizes? It's way more than I want to think about.

So, I went to the Tree to get some "stuff" to "tart up" the newly, nearly completely refurbished bathrooms at work. (Still needs paint and wax on the tile and a shot with a hammer to the one spot where the drop ceiling is dragging.)

Look what I found!

The Tree has been selling a bunch of Bernat close-outs. So far all they've had is shades of (very pretty) purple-y goodness, of which I had purchased 13 (okay, 15) balls. (strictly to make something with, of course. Bite me!)

Today, they had red! And it was all the same dye lot.

And they had a lot.

So I bought 24.

The Other Half looked in my cart and said, "I see Lent is over."

He thinks he's so funny! He can bite me too!

(It's only 1400 yards! Barely enough to make a ripple in my stash.)

The name is Frenzy, the color is Racy Red. Sixty yards to 50 g. Nylon, ack, poly, alpaca, and hair of the mo.

(They also had some fat chenille, a sparkly worsted weight and some funky stuff with fat hangy-off parts that made me feel a little nauseous.)

The reunion chulo is finished. All blocked and pronounced good, good, good by the person who commissioned it.

I need to start (and finish) the second mitone, then after the fair (August--yes, I am entering them), they'll be bundled off to the winner (assuming that a winner has been chosen by then).

As soon as I had moved the chulo from the 16" circs to the dpns, I immediately cast on this little hat (the only thing stopping me was the need for my size 4 - 16" circ!) in cotton.

I got the kit in a round robin swap earlier this month.

It's available here. The kit has plenty of yarn for the hat and a pair of freeform booties that I'll be making (up as I go along) after I finish the hat.

Yes, I modified the pattern. Two repeats of the blue and pink patterning made it look sort of "pillboxy" and just looked wrong for a baby.

I'll be finishing it off with an i-cord knot. The pattern shows it with a pompom, but I think we all know how that would look after a couple trips through the washer. . .
wow thats a stock up :)
and what are you going to use the firenze for?
i think your chullo is excellent!
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