Monday, April 17, 2006

Signs that the End Times Are Upon Us

1) First day back at work and I'm "on the desk." That would be okay, because all of our computers are networked. But the printer attached to the desk computer doesn't even know I exist. I got a lot done, but had to run upstairs every time I wanted to print something. Or email.

2) I had a serious medical appointment today. I was all set to photograph the medical equipment and post dire reminders about the need to Get.This.Test.Done. Every. Year. Got there with time to spare. Dudes, my appointment is May 17. Lots of time to spare.

3) Got home and the house smelled, oh, so, bad! The wrapper from yesterday's chicken. In the kitchen garbage. All together: ewww.

There might be pictures later. But first, the news. (On television.)

No, not of the chicken wrapper!
I have done that too, for the exact same thing.

Bound to get better.
hehehe Was gonna ask why we would want to see a nasty chicken wrapper.

You should have seen the bacon wrapper I left on the counter over the weekend last summer. Came home Sunday night and there were lil ants crawling everywhere. eeeewwwwww
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