Monday, April 24, 2006

The Rest of the Weekend

Once the mess was returned to its rightful spots, I sat down to work on the chulo (earflap hat, Argentinian style). I made a nice bit of progress. In fact, in only 4 more rounds, I start the decreases.

The pattern calls for a crocheted edge (2, in fact), but I plan to substitute a nice applied i-cord and some "strings" that can be tied (oh, please, no) or not (that would be better).

Weekend movie reviews: We watched The Chronicles of Narnia and Ice Harvest.

I wonder if the crucifiction/resurrection images were planted in my brain about Narnia, or if I would have thought of that on my own. We'll never know will we? I though that the movie was well-made. The senery and special effects were good. It followed the book pretty faithfully. The actress that played Lucy should be dragged behind the White Witch's sleigh until that very inappropriate smile/smirk goes away. (Whoa! Where did that come from?) Warning: This movie is not suitable for young children. There's a fair amount of graphic violence. Just a heads up.

Ice Harvest, on the other hand is not (in my opinion) suitable for any audience. What a piece of crap. Even with Billy Bob Thornton and John Cusack. Lots of gratuitous language, nudity, violence. Don't believe the previews!
Did they look cute at least?

I read the Chronicles of Narnia years ago and didn't catch the Christian angle AT ALL. And I'm Lutheran. In fact, when someone told me, all I could say was "But Aslan is a lion."

The chulo cap does.
The chulo cap does ~ look cute.
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