Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Some of the animals bite. Others sting.

No need to thank us for being self-preservers!

Pelicans seem to flock a lot.

and fly in loose formation.

Unlike gulls, which are the "garbage birds" of the beach., and are solitary unless someone has food, and they are nasty.

Remember "Nemo?" "Mine. Mine. Mine."

Dolphins (there were at least 6 in this "pod") are absolutely amazing to watch! The best part of the shore, in my opinion.

Look very closely at the very center of the darker blue. See that black speck? That was one of many.

We followed them down the beach, but they were much faster in the water than we who were confined to land!

There was no shark touching. There was, however, the taking of pictures of the shark.

Nurse shark.

Shark feeding: Saturday. Shark petting: Sunday.

There is no shark petting on Friday, I hope.

Big boat.

The USS Wisconsin.

Veteran of WWII, Korea, Persian Gulf (Bush 1)

Pictures of knitting tomorrow.
Looks like you had a wonderful time. Welcome back! You were missed. :)
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