Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Pictures I Promised

And more! Much more, dudes and dudettes!

The end of my particularly crappy yesterday was mitigated somewhat by this:

A lovely leaded glass Moravian Star, symbol of a nearby city.

It was a present.

I just need to find a good sun catching window to hang it in.

And an even crappier today was mitigated when, well,

today, the mailman bringeth these, hand made beaded stitch markers from Rabbitch.

She's making and selling these lovelies. Note that lobster claw clasps suitable for marking a single stitch (as opposed to marking the beginning of a round), very useful if you do centered double decreases a lot. (I do!)

Rabbitch knows how much I love pink! Even the tissue wrapped around them was pink!

and this cute little sheep is a magnet.

It was in the package with the markers.

Thanks so much, Janice!

He makes me smile (and think that he might be Dolores' flat brother!)

See, now you're smiling too!

As promised, the center-out blankie is finished, finito, fertig. Done.

I figure that I used about a mile and a half of yarn, one strand worsted weight odd balls, one strand (the remains of a gigantic pound ball) of sport weight.

The whole thing is machine wash and dry. Probably about 99% ack. The rounds that look navy blue are Wool Ease, so there's the tiniest bit of wool. The yellow rounds also have a bit of wool (10%, maybe less).

So my scrapghaning is over for another year.

What to cast on next?

Or what to finish?

OTN: Branching Out, Diamond Patch, Mitones, pair of slippers.

Truth time: I still have loose ends to weave on the blankie. Maybe I'll finish that first.
I'm glad you like the sheep! I'm sorry about all of the pinque, but I couldn't help it. I'm BAD.
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