Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Keepin' Y'all up to Speed

This'll be the last post from the beach unless something totally awesome happens today. We've reached the relaxing part of the vacation.

Yesterday, it was warm enough to take a long walk on the beach, then to drive a bit to the boardwalk and take another long walk. It's still the spring season here, so very few tourists and ot much open yet.

We started the yarn crawl yesterday at the hook and i. It is way, way "out of town," or at least a good distance from the beach. You can read my review in last April's archives if you're really interested. I bought an Inox needle (sixe 4-1") and a sheep tape measure (Lantern Moon). I drooled over the Lantern Moon needles, but dudes, $20 for a set of dpns? I don't think so. They didn't have any of the new circs, so I passed.

Didn't see anything outstanding yarnwise (though, I'm sure if I looked a little harder. . .). The washable stuff I want for my elephant I can get cheaper on-line. Yep, they had some of the same brands as Smiley's, for 3 times the price.

We might make it to Ewe Knit, home of the Koigu wall today.

I'm catching incoming email now (or at least some of it), but outgoing seems to be floating in the ether. Rabbitch, there's a couple to you sitting in the outbox!

Home Thursday!
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