Thursday, April 20, 2006

Is This Progress?

After I finished weaving in the ends (yes, really, there were taht many. Shut up!), I grabbed up the Reunion Mitone (I am assuming that's the singular) and worked on it for a while this evening.

This is my progress so far. I think I'll concentrate on finishing this one this weekend so that I can start the chulo, then I'll start the second Mitone.

TiVo'd Crossing Jordan gets on my very last nerve, so it was good to have something serious to concentrate on. Are there any believable characters on that show? I mean, except for Nigel and Bug--I think I went to school with their fathers!

And I was looking through last summer's IK (2005) and spotted this cute little summery sweater. I think it might be a nice pattern for the cotton/wool/silk blend I bought last spring while we were on vacation.

It might just be the next thing I cast on. After I finish at least two, or one more WIP.

Not for me! I do not have the shape for this. Never had, never will!

Less than 5 projects on the needles?


And in a "bless me, Father," moment I must confess that I gave in to the fiber urge and purchased just a couple of balls (okay, 8) of sock yarn. And another set of steel double points.

Can this count as my free fiber day? (Yes, I know I said I wasn't signing up. Shoot me now.)
Heh. I haven't bought ANY fiber this month. I'm feeling twitchy. Also feeling broke so it's likely just as well.

I like that mitone.
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