Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Home Again, Home Again

In about 2 hours, we will head north to home.

Must pack, eat breakfast, load the car.

"See" all of you in about 12 hours with pictures and such:

This entry was brought to you by the letters "P" (for pelican), "D" (for dolphin) and the number "0" (how many balls of yarn I bought this trip).

"A" is for anticipating lots of great pictures.
Lovely to make your acquaintence!
I'll look forward to checking out your blog!
Pictures of pelicans and dolphins? If not of enhanced stash.
It's good for your stash not to enhance it, but it must make you a little sad. Have a safe trip home.
Thanks for thinking of us on your vacation.
You bought no yarn!? Head to the emergency room instead of the house, baby. You're not well.
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