Saturday, April 22, 2006

Evidence of Spring

It was sunny yesterday (Friday). Today it rains.

Must be the weekend!

Mentioning that I discovered the error of my slipper ways caused me to perform the froggy dance.

I am reknitting the second slipper, actually the first one, but the second one was already frogged and re-knit, so this, the first, was frogged second and is now being re-knit second. Understand? Nevermind!

It's looking much more foot-shape!

Come on. You don't really want pictures! It's just the old Aunt Alm pattern that everyone uses. In Shetland Chunky Red Heart. Evergreen. Move along. There's nothing else to see.

Here's a little tribute to spring.

The second wave of flowers are bloomingtheir little hearts out in the back flower bed.

The yellow tulips will be followed by red, then pink.

Then the columbines, the daisies, then the annuals.

I do so love this flower bed. The previous owners had planted a couple dozen rose bushes in this space. They were all dead when we moved in. WTF?

We dug them out, extended the patio, put in raised beds. Voila!

And here're a couple of the "late" daffodils. Doubles. Really pretty.

This is one of the neighbors' dogs. Sparky the bob-tail wonder cat likes to sit under the forsythia (the fence is between them) and torment said dogs.

This game is more fun when the neighbor humans are outside because they yell at the dogs every time they bark.

You can almost see the smirk.
I'll settle for pictures of flowers. And tormented dogs. My cat, Hezekiah, likes to walk on the fence taunting Mia the pit bull next door. (who has evidently not gotten the memo about pit bulls being vicious because she is one sweet doggie).

Mitone! I knew there must be a singular. It's looking good!
The neighbor dog looks like an aussie or some kind of border collie-aussie mix. :) I love dogs.

Your flowers look lovely.
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