Sunday, April 16, 2006

Days Worth Writing About

Okay, let's be honest. Some days just aren't worth the bandwidth! Then there are days that just beg to be written up. Even non-bloggers recognize a day like that!

Yesterday was one.

It started out as a typical Saturday with typical Saturday errands including a trip to the Restaurant Store (every city seems to have one) where great cookware and big containers of ingredients like 3.5 ounce canisters of basil, the family's favorite herb, abound. Take a look at the container in your own cabinet--McCormick's pack is .62 ounce.

We were on a mission to replace our recycling container, the bright yellow (faded over time) 32 gallon garbage can supplied by our hometown. They offered replacements a couple of years ago. Stinky little box-like bins designed to hold about 3 gallon-size milk jugs and a half-dozen aluminum soda cans. No, thanks!

Why is it, then, that at the checkout, every single person in line wanted to look inside my big yellow garbage can? There's nothing in there, dudes. It's new. Just purchasing it now. Haven't dropped any empty mayo jars in there yet! The thing about shopping at the Restaurant Store is that everybody gets in your business.

Okay, move along.

We went to the Restaurant Store hungry. Literally. It was lunchtime. This was deliberate. Going with a full and sated tummy can be dangerous to the wallet.

Next stop: Arby's! It's still too soon for me to fast-food. Lessons learned in ServSafe are still too raw.

Girl at the register is cute and sweet. And has a cold. :coff: :sneeze: But I saw her wash her hands after blowing her nose. That was good.

No one at Arby's is wearing gloves. :hmm: That is bad.

Then, the family from hell waltzes in. Parents. Grandparents.

And two out-of-control little girls who proceed to wander the dining room touching every damned thing! The drink dispenser, the condiments dispenser, all those little paper cups that catsup is dispensed into. They sit at every table (Goldilocks Syndrome?) and shake the huge ficus (yeh, there's a live tree in the middle of Arby's) until there are leaves and stuff floating in the air.

We're pretty sure that they arrived in that big honkin' gas guzzlin SUV parked in the handicap spot right by the door. We didn't stick around long enough t o find out.

Next stop: The Dollar Tree. Never Go To The Tree On The Day Before a Holiday. Never!

And so, Dear Readers (still with me?) we hop in the car, look in the mirror and discover that that woman who followed me all over the Tree touching every damned thing I was going to touch (and smelling really strong--do all women of a certain age bathe in their perfume?) was attempting to get into the family mini-van. She was about 4'8". There was no step. It was not pretty. And it took her at least 5 minutes. All the while the mini-van was blocking us in to our spot. And no one in the mini-van was offering her a hand up.

That was when I realized that they were filming an episode for an upcoming What Not To Wear. Day-um! Everywhere in the parking lot, folks dressed in their finest bling. And spiky high shoes without stockings. But with hairy legs (in lieu of?) with pushed up bright green sweat pants.

Did I miss the memo?

Made me want to plan an early morning drive by to see the Easter finery. Not!

I came home and worked on my Grace squares . Much more relaxing than people watching.

I chose cotton in pink and purple variegated colorways and patterns that are "girly girl"

like lace and hearts and butterflies and flowers.

Very girly girl.

I didn't even gag working with the pink!

The squares are a quick knit. 5"

Isn't the bunny just the sweetest little thing? Someone hand-made it. 50ยข!

Now, I need to locate a postcard with a local scene(s). I'll be dropping them in the mail on Monday or so--after I find a postcard.

Bunny w/Dubble Bubble for perspective

And speaking of girly girls, at bedtime I came upstairs and noticed that our cul de sac was lit up like a freakin' runway. The folks across the street have installed a basketball court (!) in their driveway, complete with enough lights to make Midnight Basketball possible! Did I mention that they have two daughters? Little daughters (okay, middle school age if I'm any judge).

I was treated to :thump: :thump: :thump: of dribbling ball at 7 this Easter Sunday morning when people might actually still be sleeping. I do hope this wears off fast! (Note: within a half hour it had either worn off or wakened the Parental Units who shut it down.)

Movie review: This weekend we rented Memoirs of a Geisha and Brokeback Mountain.

Both are worth watching, though I would caution against trying to follow the story in Memoirs without first reading the book.

The scenery (both) the story (both) the emotion (both).

Good shit.

To those who celebrate: Happy Easter or Passover or whatever it is you are celebrating.
I'm celebrating $180 for working at my other job when I could be sleeping in day.

Happy chocolate day, dude, and your squares look great.
How did you make 8 squares in such a short time? They are great. We celebrate Easter today,and after I check the traffic to the South Shore where our dauhter lives with her family, we will pack up what I cooked and backed and we will be off.
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