Sunday, April 30, 2006

Confession Is Good For the Soul

Another month ends, and I drag out my UFOs for the obligatory photo shoot. You'll notice that Branching Out (salmon blob) and Diamond Patch (taupe and multi-colored blob) don't look much different than they did last time. That's because they are in pretty much the same stage of the knit process.

Mitone is a UFO, simply because it's there in the singular. The yarn balls are there, but there's nothing officially On The Needles.

Multi-colored pastel thing in the middle is the baby hat. Just need to do the decreases and it's finished.

All the rest is three pairs of Ship Support slippers. They just need seaming, so in theory, barring major mis-steps, I could finish the day (today) with 4 FOs.

Are we taking bets? Will Sheepie finish any of the current UFOs before midnight? And how many new projects will she cast on before then?

Stay tuned!

Twenty-seven years ago today, in fact, right about this time, I was in labor and anxiously awaiting the coming of the Younger Kid. He's visiting his brother this weekend, so this is a long distance Happy Birthday, sweetie.
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