Monday, April 10, 2006

A Change of Heart

Okay, so we went to Nautica (the Maritime museum) yesterday.

We saw displays of excess, of military might (the USS Wisconsin, now on display, Big Boat!), historical shit, er, stuff, er, uniforms and such, and the sharks.

They feed the sharks on Saturday. If you are at least this tall (holds hand at below shoulder), you may touch the sharks at 1:30 on Sunday.

At 1:30 on Sunday, we were meandering with a group of veterans and their kids and spouses toward the Victory Rover for a tour (onna boat) of the Naval Yard.

So, no shark touching. Horeshoe crab touching instead.

But I got to see the big boats. How big? Big enough to hold the entire population of my hometown. That big!

Some of the ships supported by Ship Support were in port. The Bataan, the TR (Theodore Roosevelt). We are talking boats that make the Wisconsin look like a little cruiser!

It certainly puts the Ships Project into perspective. If there are 5,000 men and women aboard one of those ships, and there are 1000 (give or take) knitters, crocheters, and people sewing (not sewers, thanks), how many items must each make?

Don't tell me you don't do word problems. Do the math, and get knitting (or whatever it is you do), or send money for postage!

Restaurant review: AAA was wrong. It wasn't worth 3 diamonds! 'nuff said.
Glad to see we don't have to do without you for a week!
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