Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Back on Track

sort of.

I've finished 7 diamonds and have them connected together. The point to point width is about 23", so finished size will be 46". That's about right. I'll be wearing a tee-shirt underneath.

On the Home Stretch: We had our pre-test tonight for the Thursday certification exam. I'm comfortable with my showing. I think I can safely "just read over" the newest materials. I know the bacteria, I know the parasites and viruses. I can put together a crisis management plan (how to deal with the media when half the town gets deathly ill from your catered luncheon). I'm ready! Put me in, coach!

Saturday, I pack up all my cares and woes. We leave for a few days R&R.

There is bound to be yarn crawling, and sunshine, and warmth. I'm trying now to decide what projects to take along. The Reunion Mittens, and needles to start the chulo, the Diamond Patch, Branching Out. That should keep me out of trouble.
As if anything could keep you out of trouble if you wanted to get into it.

Enjoy! The Diamonds look good.
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