Thursday, April 13, 2006

As Promised

There was knitting on the trip, though not much to show for it, sadly. We did a lot of walking and all of my projects are 1) too bulky or 2) too complicated to qualify as walk-knitting.

I finished my April (to mail in May) obligatory hat for Ship Support. The booties I am working on are, um, strange. I will probably seam the finished one, try it on, then frog or duplicate. Probably frog.

Ellen, I'll be sending this hat for sure, and a check for postage.

Maybe a pair of booties as well.

Besides, it's "cool tie season."

The yarn is Red Heart Shetland Chunky (wool blend) .

The Diamond patch is coming along nicely. I finished the third tier of diamonds on the trip down (yes, Rita, that white-knuckler), then put it aside for the trip home.

This is the sort of mindless knitting that makes it possible for me to be a passenger on long trips, any time we are on the Turnpike or the Blue Route. It keeps my hands occupied so that I am not trying to snatch the wheel from the driver's death grip.

The pattern company is aptly named: "Just One More Row." Every time I feel like I should be damn near finished, I realie, yep, Just.One.More.Row! (or diamond, or whatever. . .)

I got a little more done on the Reunion Mittens From Hell and Back.

The thumb gusset is complete.

I like the colors (surprise, surprise) and the Peruvian Highland wool is really quite nice to knit with. We're talking a very firm fabric (size 1 steel dpns) and (so far) no pilling or splitting (knock wood).

At the rate I'm going, they'll be finished right on time for the reunion--June 2007. But wait! There's a chullo to go with. . .

And so, a photo of my only knit-related purchases while on vacation: the size 4 Inox circ needed to complete said chullo and a new sheep for the collection.

(This one's a tape measure; pull my tail.)

I had a choice of several types of needles and chose the Inox for its nice pointy points. As much as I love my Addis, they really are dull by comparison.

I didn't want bamboo, and they didn't have Bryspun (though they had the straights and the dpns of that line). Bryspun would have been my first choice.

Someday, I'll do a needle review, but not today.
Welcome Home Ann. Even on vacation you work. The hat is very beautiful, also your diamond top in progress. I hope you take time to rest up now.Thanks for showing us the pictures, all this while in transit. You are so accomplished, not only with knitting, but also technically. It is always a pleasure to read, and be a little part of your Blog. Thank you .
I love my Sheepie tape measure. I hear that the black ones are in high demand, but whatevah.

That diamond top is coming along quickly! I have to have something to do to, or I go crazy.
I have a sheepie tape measure, too. Everyone loves it.
The mittones look great! And you're the one who got me turned on to my beauteous Addis, so I trust your advice and will read your review with interest.

ps what's an oggar? It's my ID word ...
I love my Addis, but the Inox circs are a very close second. They are definitely the ones I use for lace, as their pointy tips are much easier to use than the Addis for all those k2togs so commonly found in lace patterns.
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