Saturday, February 11, 2006

Winter Weather Advisory

We're under a storm watch. Expecting major accumulation of snow. The forecast has been repeatedly revised all day. So far, we have barely a dusting, but according to the "weather watchers," the biggest part of the storm is just grouping now and will start dumping "overnight and into the morning." And the street already looks like a sheet of ice. I sure am glad I don't need to be anywhere tomorrow morning!

I took the forecast as my directive to knit my fingers to the bone.

First picture is from about 8:30 this morning after a couple hours' knitting. (My body clock and my coach's tummy clock both go off early.)

Hum along while I sing: "Work your fingers to the bone, whadda you get? . . .Bony fingers, bony fingers." (I just love that song!)

Knit your fingers to the bone, whadda you get? Serious progress!

I figure about another 5 rounds and I'll be ready to set the armhole steek stitches.

I will now say "hat's off" to Cottage Creations!

There are many "extra" directions in the pattern that are incredibly helpful. Case in point: Carol (Anderson-owner of CC) suggests, no, directs, the knitter to place markers between the pairs of boy/girl "paper doll" figures. Now, I am accustomed to knitting colorwork (stranded) and would not have placed them on my own. (What the heck for? I know how to follow a chart!)

Those markers saved my butt at least twice!

Carrie K asked about the button hole that had me so happy. I can't re-type Carol's excellent directions, but I can say that you can find the directions (and a clear close-up photo) here. And, of course, it's also in the pattern.

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