Sunday, February 26, 2006

Victory Is Mine

Despite setbacks and a last-minute replacement coach stepping in, the little sweater is finished (proper pewter buttons will be sewn on as soon as the blasted letter carrier stops playing with them and delivers them before I have to commit mayhem.


And these will be mailed on Wednesday. Five hats=5 warm heads.
Congratulations. Championship knitting, indeed!
Excellent! Congratulations.
Yay! Congratulations! Reminds me, I need to knit up some hats on the machine for Ships.
Whoo! Whooo! [whistling and stomping feet] Whoo!

Wow, even the lice in the cap are done.

I think it's an encouraging trend that postal employees are playing w/buttons and not...well, never mind.
Congrats Anne, you deserve a Gold Medal for sure.
For some reason I have that old reel of people crashing at the Olympics going through my head. Don't know why since you succeeded! Congratulations. Plus they look great.
Excellent--did you Bond these? I really like the patterns-where did you find them? LilyFern
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