Monday, February 06, 2006

So Much For Knitting Along

One of my lists (the same one that prompted me to make the Adult Surprise Jacket) is currently staging a 5-hour baby sweater KAL.

This cutie is a special favorite. I have timed myself and can actually finish one (using the pattern in Cottage Creations' More Projects for the Community and Family) in a hair under 5 hours. I was ready! Ten or so rows a day would fit nicely into my already packed knitting schedule.

Then I got the message from the Other Half. There is to be (on Thursday) a surprise (shhh) baby shower for one of his former students, a young woman who has taken her post secondary education and really run with it, yay, her!). By any chance, did I have anything "gifty" that he could give.

Hmmm. So, fast forward on the 5 hour. (See photo at left.) I am well beyond the first 10 rows. Yoke is done, first sleeve is done, second sleeve is OTN.

Now, how sick is this? I broke open the pound-o-buttons and I swear to FSM that my first thought was "go buy buttons." (If I use them, I won't have them, now will I?)


I let the Other Half go through the bag and pick the ones he wants . There are literally dozens of Beatrix Potter "Tailor of Glouchester," and that's what he picked.

The picture of the little mouse tailor looks for all the world like he's sitting on the can, reading the paper. Really. Maybe the kid will get the toilet training hint early.
(Chuckle) on early 'potter' training possibilities... Cute sweater. Sweet of your DH to want to give something you've knit.
Respectfully request a pic of the button......

And it's so true! If you use it, you won't have it. Why is that so hard for people to grasp? You either can't use it, or you need to replace it. Nature abhorring a vacuum and all that.
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