Sunday, February 26, 2006

Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory

The buttons did not arrive. So Plan B swings into effect. I really did drive to Joann's to look at buttons! I really did consider several. Then reality set in. I really did remember that I have those exact same buttons on order and on their way to me. Got serious. Put the buttons back. Found a suitable sub in my stash. :whew:

I'll review yarn selections at my local (maybe) in a future entry. For right now, I come belatedly to the real reason for this post.


Gentle Readers (to parrot Miss Manners), did none of you notice that something was amiss in the sweet little hat? (I sure didn't.)

Think carefully. Why is this picture not like the other (to parrot Sesame Street)?

What's missing?

Tap, tap, tap. . .

The lice!

It was bugging me much of the night. (Yes, I dream about knitting occasionally, doesn't everyone?)

So this morning, I took scissors to the top (there's a definite downside to careful finishing and weaving--I can never find my "end") and removed a quarter-size circle at the top.

I frogged the whole thing back to the top of the "chart 5" patterning until all I had :sob: was about 3" of finished hat (headband, anyone?) with earflaps and i-cord ties attached.

Oh, and a big wad of caramel-colored yarn.

So I carefully picked up 100 stitches along the ripped edge and proceeded to re-knit the 6+ inches to the finish.

I am 4" from the finish line. Will I make it?

Stay tuned.
Yes, but the horror! Cutting the cap and frogging it to add lice? Couldn't you just leave it in a preschool or something? (Oh, I crack me up. Just me, huh?)

Lice. Hasn't anyone thought of a PC name for it? Freedom flies?
Oh my gosh, I would never have backed up to put in the lice! You had a beautiful little hat there. You must be a perfectionist. I know you'll be happier with it perfect, and it won't take you long. Good luck. ~Bonnie
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