Friday, February 03, 2006

Sheep Thots

Regular readers will recognize Mr. Bear the Felted from an earlier post. He was created from a teddy pattern, knit up on huge needles (with Brown Sheep Naturespun) then felted/fulled to within an inch of his life into a very dense, rather cute and sturdy teddy.

I knit him up a sweater (Pattern-a-Day calendar) with a small sheep from here .

Then, he waited patiently for a home.

Let's face it, a Rubbermaid underbed is NOT a home for a Small Bear of Big Heart.

Fast forward to the present.

Totally separately, this past week or so, I was noodling with more of that mint green yarn, Knitted in a fence, and a sheep.

Gee, this looks familiar. Well DUH!

When it gets light out, Mr. Bear of Big Heart and Sturdy Body and Small Sweater With Sheep will wing their way to their new home where I hope they will be loved to pieces. What could be better than a boy and his bear?

There might be pictures.
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