Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Remaindered? Scratched? Dented?

Who cares!? When the goods are as good as these?

With the exception of Baby Blankets! they all came from Interweave Knits' "hurt book sale." Go to Interweave Press . There are still a few good deals left. Books on dyeing, herbs, and a couple of knitting titles.

For "hurt books," they sure are nice. And I saved 54% even with shipping added in.

Baby Blankets turned up at Ollie's in massive quantity ($3.99). There are a couple of good ideas in it (and an adorable baby poncho pattern).

Reviews will follow.
Great haul! I picked up a similar book to Baby Blankets, "Knit Baby Head & Toes" for $6.99 at a small toy store. You got a real deal for $3.99!
no fair! i haven't gotten mine yet!
Dang the sale is closed. Oh well I signed up to receive notification for next time. Thanks for the tip.
Cool! Oh, darn. The sale is closed? Oh well, I have most of those already, but I'm sure there are others that I need. Tell me how you like Compendium of Finishing Techniques, that looks good.
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