Saturday, February 25, 2006

Orts 'r' Us

ort (├┤rt) n.
1. A small scrap or leaving of food after a meal is completed. Often used in the plural.
2. A scrap; a bit.
[Middle English orte, food left by animals, probably from Middle Dutch : oor, out + eten, to eat.]
3. In knitting, the scraps of yarn left after a project is completed
4. To birds and small animals, the makings of a colorful nest.

Since Olympic Knitting is essentially complete, but my buttons are still MIA, (never fear, there' s a back-up plan) What's that? Do I hear the letter carrier's trucky thing? Wait here, I'll be right back. Nope. Sh*t! I have started the matching hat (Fair entry: 2-Piece Set, sweater and cap, child). Fact is, I am nearly finished, being at the decrease point. It still needs earflaps. It does not need some sort of fluffy adornment. Pompons are so not us.

And here is the reason there was no early morning knitting or blogging.

Breakfast concluded, it's time to pay attention to The Cat (note capitals).

"Coach" my left foot!
Oh, that yarn in the basket gave me a start. I thought you'd frogged it for some inexplicable reason.

Poor neglected puttytat.

What? A matching cap too? Now that's just showboating, Ann.
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