Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Now that the Olympic Knitting is completed, my volunteer coach can get back to her day job.

She's really good at it, practicing her craft 20-22 hours a day. Such dedication!

The light tends to get in her eyes.

And I can get back to the boring garter stitch stuff. Six mitered squares (12") knitted together into a 2' X 3' rectangle. It will be bordered as big as the remaining ABM Fluffy (ack & wool) will take it and I will gladly cross that stuff off my spreadsheet!

Yellow and white with accents of baby weight ack, strategically placed.

It's warm and soft.

It's mostly ACK! :ick:
Ack:ick has it's place.

It's nice to see a coach taking a well deserved rest. Treat. ? Spa?
If that is the project I advised you to ditch I'm sure glad you ignored my unasked for help. It looks pretty and comforting.
It is, Sherrill,

I hope to have it done in time for my Yarn Countdown on 3/5 (tomorrow) so that I can take that stuff off the spreadsheet!
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