Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Miles of Ribbing

Day 12 (or 11, or whatever) of Olympic Knitting and I believe all the actual knitting is finished! Yay!

There is no collar on the little sweater, that's the neck ribbing and the part that looks like a collar is the facing that covers the cut part.

I am so closing in on the finish.

I just have to show off thisknew and knifty pattern. This is my basic 80 stitch hat for Ship Support, but after the obligatory 1.5-2" of ribbing I switched to k1, p3, and started traveling the k stitches, first to the right, and then to the left.

I think it will resemble the swirl at the top of a small Dairy Queen cone (chocolate) when I am finished.

And the car hat is progessing nicely. My ride in is uneventful and quick. My ride home takes me past 2 shopping centers (including the one Target is in), several banks, and a high school where 90% of the over 16s drive. (I have never seen such a large parking lot at a public school. )

It's actually the same route. Timing is everything! And the drive home takes fully twice as long as the drive there.

Tomorrow, we start full physical inventory. I love this time of year! But tomorrow is also my "alone night." I so look forward to Thursday!
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