Monday, February 13, 2006

Let's Start Here

Making some nice progress on the Olympic Steek Knit, even though I had to work today. I think I have about 10 more rows before I move on to the sleeves. So, nice progress.

The medium blue is as bright and cheerful as it looks in the photo. In fact, the colors in the photo are pretty true. (I turned off the flash and used my Ott Light for illumination.)

We had the techie geeks helping us reload our warehouse software that was experiencing "issues." They'll be at it again tomorrow. They, too, are making progress. And though it seems we have been "down" for weeks, it's actually been only 3 days.

So you can imagine how pleased I was to arrive home and find

this in the mail box! It's the Spring IK! And it appears to be a good one. (There would be more photos, but my memory was full.)

Kathy Zimmerman has a nice cabled jacket (sampled in the LB Cashmere). Norah Gaughan did an interesting pullover (I like the texture stitches), but I'm not so sure about the "neckline."

There are a couple of other worthwhile designs (Aran Rose, Trellis Scarf, Lace Socks, and a good article on Intarsia). It's worth the subscription to me.

(Now, I'll confess that I renewed with the replacement for FCEK.)

This one's a definite "maybe" if one of the yarns already in my stash (Silk City?) will work.

I'm not buying to make it, though!
that looks fantastic! i'm definitely impressed. the colors are great.

andi got my IK today too, as well, but havne't had time to look, since i've insanely decided to knit 15 12" squares in 15 different patterns for the olympics.

now back to your regularly scheduled knit
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