Monday, February 27, 2006

Let's Hear It for the Letter Carrier

There they were, nestled in my mail box when I came home today.

My perfect little pewter buttons.

I take back every nasty thing I said about the US Postal Service.

Except, maybe, the evil thoughts I still think when I remember the 3 pairs of hand-knit baby socks that are lost somewhere between here and Philadelphia. For 5 years.

Once I disentangled the gold :ptui: plastic :ptui: ones that I had put on with safety pins for the photo shoot, I stitched my little beaties in place.


All together now: Awwwww

And while you have your "Awww" going good, check out this sweetie:

A boy and his bear. A perfect combo!

That's Isaiah, grandson of Ellen Harpin, founder of The Ships Project. I don't think the bear has a name yet.

Note: If you are a new or renewing Ship Support supporter, mailing starts for March on Wednesday and ends next Tuesday (March 1-7).

Ellen has moved. If you need her new address (not the Conch Shell one), email me and I'll see that you get it.
Those buttons are .......cute as a button and so is Isaiah. In fact, the cuteness is killing me.
Raise the roof! Woot woot!

I haven't seen a pic of Isaiah since he was little little. He's getting to be quite the handsome little man. The sweaters are gorgeous!

Damn, lady, you do good work.
Awwww * 2.
perfect buttons and cute photo :-)
Oh so cute, the boy and his bear. My podiatrist was just telling me about a woman he knows who knits sweaters for her granddaughter and matching sweaters for her doll (she starts with the doll sweater and if it gets the seal of approval from the granddaughter makes the big version). I was knitting when he came in to examine my feet.
Don't you just want to squeeze him? The sweaters are wonderful, and the bottons are perfect. I've been itching to do more Fair Isle. Thanks for the reminder about mailing days.
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