Thursday, February 23, 2006

Knitting Olympics Day 13

Started off with work (don't they all?) where we are taking inventory of the physical, not mental, variety.

And a day in which I acquired a paper cut on my upper lip while getting the mail ready (and missedthe letter carrier). A fact I completely forgot until I was eating dinner (asparagus with lemon)--ouch!

The day on which our intrepid Olympic Knitter discovers that the Gold might be totally out of reach. Or not.

All the pieces are knitted. They are stitched together with care (a whole evening plus, stitching together a tiny little bit of a sweater).


And it looks pretty darned good, from the bands that were stretched, just so. And pinned into place, and finally stitched.

Yep, pretty darned good.

to the facings that cover the machine stitching and cutting (this is the inside of the armhole with the facing half-stitched down).

Yep, lookin' real good.

So what's the problem? Take a look:

They aren't here yet!
That is hardly a Olympic disqualifying event. Buttons at the whim of the Postal Service? It's the knitting. Isn't it? Buttons are merely ornamental (albeit crucial to the whole staying shut thing)....
If they aren't here by noon Saturday, I have a backup plan that involves going into a real store where they let you touch stuff before you pay with green paper and take it right home.
No buttons isn't a problem, it's a feature, and that is a fantastic sweater.
The buttons will be beautiful, I am sure, but the sweater has to be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Congrats, Ann, you deserve a Gold Medal for sure.
Absolutely gorgeous. I think you qualify for gold madame.
aaand ... she brings home the gold!

Yay for you. That's a lovely sweater.
that looks like a gold to me! adorable sweater :-)
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