Sunday, February 12, 2006

In Which We Update Numerous Issues

Issue 1: The Gambling Fever, She has broken. Lost. On all 14 tickets. Boxing would not have helped.

Issue 2: The Snow, She has ended. Total accumulation= about 6", wet, heavy.

And we are very glad of it! We hear that New York City got 4 times that amount!

The snowblower (see an earlier post re: dragging my sorry ass all over eastern PA looking for a new one--not my idea!) held up through another snowfall.

Issue 3: The Coach, She has coached. Nearly all day, in fact.

And I made nice progress, despite the "help."

My weekend plans (to not do one damned thing) played out perfectly. I knitted. I cleared up some of the mess in my "office." I rested and recreated, watched 2 movies, and two episodes of The Shield.

It was a perfect weekend!

Progress on the sweater was evident! Only 21 rounds to go until the body is complete.

Of course, the sooner the actual knitting is done, the sooner I have to get out the scissors.

I'd sooner poke myself with pointy sticks.
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