Sunday, February 19, 2006

I'll Be Seeing You

That was the song I couldn't remember! Old WWII song.

And sometimes when I wonder why I am knitting hats for Ship Support a note like this one gets posted:

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful and thoughtful gifts you recently sent to the USS Nassau. I sit here writing you with a hand knitted beanie hat in front of me thinking how warm it will be next fall to wear under my helmet while riding my motorcycle. You should feel proud of the work you have accomplished at raising the morale on board this vessel, I watched the crew go through the boxes of hats and footies everyone smiling and happy after a pretty hard week of work and I wondered if you had any idea about what you had done, you had brought a little happiness to an otherwise dismal place. Its not often that many of these kids get anything from the states and although this is my fifth deployment, I still get a little excited when the packages come from home. I just wanted to take a moment of time to thank you and hope you understand how much we in the armed forces appreciate what your doing for us, thank you very much."

or this one:

"Ma'ams, Thank you so much for the wonderful hats and footies. Sometimes it is hard to keep motivated when we are so far From home and our families. I work in the medical department, part of Fleet Surgical Team Two, on the Nassau and days can definitely get long. I received one of your hats and was completely thrilled. I wore it just about all day even in my uniform. I made me think of home So much that I just didn’t want to take it off. I was teared up for a while thinking about home and seeing my family again soon. Thank you for putting my mind with my home and family for a while. The colors are beautiful and I will wear it till it falls off my head. Thank you so much. I have enclosed a picture of the Fleet Surgical Team 2 and myself. God Bless you. Very Respectfully,"

and it all comes flooding back.

Clearly, these are young men and women whose mamas taught them good manners!

The Older Kid served in The Sandbox back in 2002. He's talking about going back. His dad and I sent mail frequently, for him personally and for him to share. It's rough being away from home. Mail is important.

If you know someone "over there," be sure to write. A postcard, a letter, clippings and cartoons from the local paper. Encourage their friends and relatives and former teachers to write, too. No matter how you feel about the war, they're just kids. And they are far from home.

You're a good woman, Ann. I promisse not to tell anyone.
If you keep my secret, I'll keep yours!
ann, you reminded me of teh ships project again. i knit a mess of hats a couple of years ago, and need to do it again!
those letters made me tear up :-)
ok, i need a tissue now. my brother served in Dessert Storm, so i know what it's like to have someone over there, even if the danger was different then than now. ok, the next hat goes to ellen.
Ann--Let me remind you that it was YOU (Oh,so many years ago!) who wrote to me, too; remember??? I never forgot, and I echo all these comments and compliments from the guys & gals on the USS Nassau. Thank you, dear friend.
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