Wednesday, February 08, 2006

How to Feel Old

Step 1: Run up and down the steps at work a lot of times
Step 2: Sit through a l-o-n-g meeting where you give a 5 minute presentation
Step 3: Drive to the dentist
Step 4: Survive a cleaning by someone young enough to be your granddaughter
Step 5: Meet the "new" dentist and discover holy shit! he was The Younger Kid's college roommate


by casting on a couple of hats. ''

And knitting a lot.
Oh man, that would be too weird. Heck even dealing with my younger brother's friends would be too weird. Forget that he is 26. hehe
The horror! The gutty nerve.

I got out of jury duty a couple of months back because I used to babysit the arresting officer.
Hey! I like the pattern on that red hat. How do you do that one?
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