Sunday, February 12, 2006

Feelin' Lucky

There are no early morning pictures. All evidence had been disposed of.

Christmas and birthdays in Chez Sheepie often brings the giftage of Lottery Tickets! and played properly, days or even months of entertainment.

Please note that we do not play the lottery regularly, unless Christmas and birthdays counts as "regularly." (Definition of "lottery"=an extra tax imposed by the state upon the math impaired.)

We buy the dollar scratch-offs in packs of 10. They show up in birthday cards and Christmas stockings. This year, I got some in my stocking! Mostly, they were losers. But I found a winner leftover from a previous giftage (Christmas 2004, perhaps?) and combined it with the "free ticket" winner and the $1 winner, and the $ 2 winner, and got myself ten more tickets.

A saner (or more frugal) person person would have pocketed the 10 bucks, but since I'm neither these days, I immediately turned my $10 into 10 more tickets. Those ten yielded 9 losers and a $24 winner!

Did I take the money and run? Hell no!

Do you know what the Powerball pot is right now??

Twenty-four chances to retire early to somewhere warm. Right there.

The stuff of which dreams are made.

I just need to check my numbers against the ones in the paper. If I won, I will not be back. Would someone turn out the lights and call my boss?

Even if you won, you still have to finish your Olympic entry.
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