Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Break Time, Break Time

That's what the pattern says. And so I am (taking a break).

This evening, I finished the last 10 rows, then discovered that there's an off-the-chart row that involves putting the various sections onto little bits o' yarn and binding off some of the stitches.

I'm super full of myself over this. There's very little puckering and the pattern looks pretty darned good if I say so myself!

I'm thinkin' "fair entry."

And because this little masterpiece is definitely not in-the-car or on-the-stepper knitting, I've started a couple of semi-mindless projects for those activities. Meet next month's Ship Support hats.

I'm attempting "traveling stitches" in the brown heather, and using up the last of the black and charcoal heather to make 80 stitch beanies. They'll keep someone's ears warm. There's a third one on the needles in ragg and solid (three wide stripes).
cute norgi :-)
Fair entry for sure, that is coming out gorgeous!
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